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Monday, August 8, 2011

Solar Powered EV Chargers Keep SolarCity One Step Ahead of the Pack

Solar Powered EV Chargers Keep SolarCity One Step Ahead of the Pack:

"... solar industry giant SolarCity is looking to the electric vehicle market in order to give itself an edge. The company has just announced a partnership with another leading company in the EV charger field, ClipperCreek, to sell EV chargers through its 24 facilities across the country. The move enables SolarCity to claim itself, at least for now, as the single largest provider of electric vehicle, solar and energy efficiency services in the country. It also illustrates how the growing EV market is providing new opportunities for solar installers to expand their operations from buildings to vehicles.

SolarCity and Electric Vehicles

The new announcement is not SolarCity’s first connection with solar powered EV chargers. Back in 2009, the company was involved in a partnership with Tesla Motors and ClipperCreek to build EV chargers at several bank branches and a public parking garage along Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles, one of which sported a 30 kwh rooftop solar installation. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is also the chairman of SolarCity, so the intertwining of solar installations for buildings and electric vehicles is pretty well embedded in SolarCity’s DNA."

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