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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wind project threatens birds, green group warns - Politics - CBC News

Wind project threatens birds, green group warns - Politics - CBC News:

"An internationally recognized "Important Bird Area" is being threatened by an Ontario wind power development, a Canadian conservation group alleges.

Gilead Power Corporation hopes to build a nine-turbine wind farm on the south shore of Prince Edward County, a huge peninsula that juts into eastern Lake Ontario.

Nature Canada worries the project will kill untold numbers of migratory birds because it is right next to a National Wildlife Area used by hundreds of thousands birds as a stopover point on their yearly journeys north and south.

A flock of ducks fly in front of a wind turbine in a field near Port Bruce, Ont., on the Lake Erie north shore in 2007. Nature Canada says an internationally recognized 'Important Bird Area' is being threatened by a similar wind power development in Prince Edward County.

“It's like a highway. Sort of like the equivalent of the Trans-Canada or the 401,” said Ted Cheskey, manager of Nature Canada's bird conservation programs."


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