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Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Save a Planet - On a Budget | The Energy Collective

How to Save a Planet - On a Budget | The Energy Collective:

How to Save a Planet - On a Budget
November 30, 2011, 9:00am -- 12:30pm EST

A Virtual Conference from The Energy Collective and The Sustainable Cities Collective, sponsored by

Full Agenda Here

How can we drive progress to a clean energy economy when governments are broke and investment is scarce?

For those concerned about the planet’s well-being, it’s one of the crucial questions of our time, one that may have implications for our environment for generations. In a time of financial scarcity, our goal at TheEnergyCollective.com and our sister site SustainableCitiesCollective.com, is to figure out how companies and governments can shift to greener, cleaner consumption of energy, and, most importantly, how they will pay for the infrastructure projects that are essential to limiting our output of climate change-causing greenhouse gases.

To that end, we’re opening the conversation with a free virtual conference on November 30. We will offer six panel discussions and case studies which will be moderated by Marc Gunther of Fortune magazine, Jesse Jenkins of the Breakthrough Institute, and Gernot Wagner, economist at the Environmental Defense Fund and author of "But Will The Planet Notice? How Smart Economics Can Save The World" (all of whom are regular Energy Collective contributors).Energy Collective contributors).

Who should attend? Anyone who's interested in finding viable solutions to our climate crisis in the midst of an economic crisis, but especially those in energy professions looking to learn about where the industry is going, those in cleantech interested in financing solutions, those in government hoping to improve local infrastructure, and advocates, journalists, policymakers and policy wonks looking for the latest insight on market solutions to climate problems. Read more about the agenda here.

In six distinct discussions, we'll cover:
Paying the True Cost of Energy: A Conversation About Carbon Pricing
Can Carbon Markets Drive Green Innovation and Infrastructure?
Stimulus That Works: Public-Private Cooperation for a Greener Economy
Renewable ROI: The Economic Case for Green Infrastructure
Cleantech Startups and the Venture Capital Funding Climate
Incentivizing Innovation: Federal Policy and Cleantech

Full agenda information here. Join us for one session, or all six!


Gernot Wagner, Environmental Defense Fund (moderating)
Marc Gunther, FORTUNE (moderating)
Jesse Jenkins, Breakthrough Institute (moderating)
Will Coleman, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
Thiemo Gropp, co-founder, DESERTEC Foundation
Johannes Schmidt, CEO of Equity and Project Finaance, Siemens Financial Services GmbH
Jo Danko, Global Director for Sustainable Solutions, CH2M HILL
Lucas Merrill Brown, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford
Kirk Edelman, President and CEO, Siemens Financial Services U.S
Lane Burt, Technical Policy Director, USGBC
Lee Thiessen, Executive Director for Climate Change Policy and British Columbia’s Climate Action Secretariate.

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