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Friday, November 4, 2011

Solar Energy Milestone

SunEdison and Staples achieve solar energy milestone | Cooler Planet News
 - by Elysia Niemi

SunEdison and Staples recently announced they have achieved a production milestone of more than 30 million kilowatt-hours of energy generated from solar installation on the 33 Staples locations that have solar energy collectors.

"Staples is an established leader in its industry and a leader in operating their business in a sustainable way," said Carlos Domenech, president of SunEdison. "This is a terrific clean-energy milestone. SunEdison is pleased to continue to work with Staples to develop solar solutions that make sense for their business and to reduce their emissions."

Staples stores in California, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey are fitted with solar installations, which all have contributed to eliminating an estimated 45.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to date.

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