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Monday, January 16, 2012

Doughty Hanson & Co.

Merchant Banker behind Sustainable Technologies:



Higher Energy Yield

5-15% more energy production with the elimination of mismatch and partial shading losses

More Power per Rooftop

Increased energy density on the roof with the flexibility of parallel architecture to work around obstacles and eliminate dead space

Safer Solar Power

With SUNERGY inverters all high DC voltages are eliminated, ensuring the safety of anyone who may come into contact with the array

Sustainable Energy is changing the way the world installs solar power, with innovative solutions to enhance energy output from solar power systems.

SUNERGY inverters offer the industry’s highest performing, most reliable, and safest solution to connect solar panels to the grid.

ASTech recognizes Sustainable Energy for Innovation in Solar System Integration

Sustainable Energy was selected from over 50 nominations as the award winner for Outs

Sustainable Energy Ships Additional 65 Units to Leading US Distributor and is Poised to Ship Additional 112 Units Before Year End

Sustainable Energy Technology Ltd. (TSX-V: STG) (“Sustainable Energy”)

SUNERGY Inverters

SUNERGY inverters enable parallel wiring for PV arrays, boosting performance and setting a new benchmark for system safety.

Upcoming Conferences

CanSIA Solar Canada (Dec. 5-6), Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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