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Monday, March 5, 2012

Paul Gilding: The Earth is full | Video on TED.com

Paul Gilding: The Earth is full | Video on TED.com

Paul Gilding has spent 35 years trying to change the world. He’s served in the Australian military, chased nuclear armed aircraft carriers in small inflatable boats, plugged up industrial waste discharge pipes, been global CEO of Greenpeace, taught at Cambridge University, started two successful businesses and advised the CEOs of some the world’s largest companies.

Despite his clear lack of progress, the unstoppable and flexible optimist is now a writer and advocate, travelling the world with his book The Great Disruption alerting people to the global economic and ecological crisis unfolding around us, as the world economy reaches and passes the limits to growth.
He is confident we can get through what’s coming and says rather than the end of civilization, this could be the beginning! He argues we will rise to the occasion and see change at a scale and speed incomprehensible today, but need to urgently prepare for The Great Disruption and “the end of shopping”, as we reinvent the global economy and our model of social progress.
He lives on a farm in southern Tasmania with his wife, where they grow blueberries and raise chickens, sheep and their children.

Quotes by Paul Gilding

  • “It takes a good crisis to get us going. When we feel fear and we fear loss we are capable of quite extraordinary things.”

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  • “We can choose this moment of crisis to ask and answer the big questions of society's evolution — like, what do we want to be when we grow up?”

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  • “Our system — of debt-fueled economic growth, of ineffective democracy, of overloading planet Earth — is eating itself alive.”

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  • “The Earth doesn't care what we need; Mother Nature doesn't negotiate.”

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  • “Thanks to those pesky laws of physics, when things aren't sustainable, they stop.”

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Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

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