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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ucilia Wang - Counting Electrons - Forbes

Ucilia Wang - Counting Electrons - Forbes

Electric car startup Fisker Automotive has experienced some serious setbacks in recent months as it dealt with battery and software problems of its first-ever model and a government decision to suspend the payment of a loan for developing the company’s second car. A new CEO could help the company steer clear of more missteps, and it announced Tuesday that former Chrysler chief executive Tom LaSorda now heads Fisker.

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I'm a freelance journalist covering renewable energy and other green tech topics. I'm good at explaining how stuff works, and why and how government policies play a big role in promoting renewable energy, electric cars, energy efficiency gadgets and smart grid. I also write for GigaOm, Technology Review, Renewable Energy World and PV Magazine. Follow me on Twitter @UciliaWang.

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