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Monday, July 9, 2012

Gaian Economics: Right or Left, or Right or Wrong?

Gaian Economics: Right or Left, or Right or Wrong?

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Economics Respectful of People and the PlanetGaian Economics is an internet showcase for a group of researchers who agree that the major problems facing humanity have their root in our economic system and recognise the need to develop a new kind of economics. We can think especially of the environmental crisis and the seemingly endless conflict caused by the injustice of the globalised market.

For a brief statement of the philosophical position of the Gaian Economics collective please see the page called Why Gaian Economics?
The website is arranged around the work of a group of independent researchers: Molly Scott Cato, Frances Hutchinson, Ramon Fernandez Duran, David McKnight and Ben Gregory. Each researcher is responsible for the content of her or his own pages. If you know whose work you are interested in you can click on their link on the list below.
We also aim to throw these important areas of debate open to all-comers. Please join with us in solving this most important problem facing humanity. You can display your own work on this website. If you would like to join us please email: molly@gaianeconomics.org.

I am economics speaker for the green party although blogs represent my personal views. I have a PhD in economics and work in co-operative research as well as trying to build up bioregional economies

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