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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Internation Climate Change Negotiations



by Uchita de Zoysa (Convener-Climate Sustainability PLATFORM)

UN climate change negotiations are failing
International climate change negotiations are failing because they are not based on such foundations that offer equity, wellbeing and happiness of all. These negotiations at the United Nations are designed as a process of bargaining led by short sighted political leadership and their representatives. It is a bargaining place for the managers of the prevailing erroneous global governance and economic system. UN negotiations are not places where the countries congregate with mutual trust or confidence. Each of them tries to bargain for their own best share, rather than for the betterment of the planet. Therefore, these negotiations can hardly provide hope of a radical change in the approach or attitude towards creating a different system for a better world. If the international climate negotiations continue to fail in reaching an implementable agreement very soon, we would be allowing our global leadership to design for us an ultimate destiny to perish.

The frequency of natural disasters
We are already experiencing natural disasters at a regular frequency across the world like no other time in human history. Seeing highly developed cities in USA and Europe getting submerged in flood waters, regular landslides in China, and earth quakes in Pakistan, tsunami’s in the sea close to Indonesia is driving fear in the minds of millions. If we are to believe the fourth assessment report of the IPCC and the warnings by the climate scientists, then we may well get ready for a life on earth filled with catastrophic natural calamities. While such dangerous climate change can still be evaded, there is simply no faith, trust and confidence in the current global leadership in making commitments required to face that challenge. Even if promises are made by them, there is no assurance that they will actually meet the commitments made.

The next generation
So we do fear our fate on earth. The worst part of this fear is not really for me or my generation, but to understand that my daughter and her generation will suffer a destiny of uncertainty and destitution. My daughter is only eleven years old. In 2050 she will be over fifty years and would have gone through all the changes in the climate as predicted by scientists of our times. Worst is that she might have to face the consequences of the mistakes made by our generation. By that time my daughter would be having her own children and perhaps grand children as well, and she would be living in a state of constant worry for her family. Her worries will be much greater than mine; and that worries me no end. I am just one father of several billion who worries about the future of their children. Can leaders in Cancun show more compassion towards our children and their futures? Can that compassion become the fuel necessary to ignite the political will that we desperately seek? 

A PLATFORM to and from COP15!

Climate Sustainability PLATFORM is a open forum for climate negotiators, sustainability influencers and people from developed and developing countries across the world. We bring together scientists, NGOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, politicians, youth, women, mean and all stakeholders to hold DIALOGUES and to formulate a Climate Sustainability MANIFESTO. The PLATFORM is now open for us all to place their various opinions and demands to be heard. Share your voice! Let our voices be heard! Let us together ensure climate sustainability on earth!

The PLATFORM is moderated by the Centre for Environment and Development (CED) and Global Sustainability Solutions (GLOSS) with the support of dozens of organizations and experts across the world. For further information please contact us at uchita@sltnet.lk or info@glossolutions.com or ced@sltnet.lk

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