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Thursday, August 22, 2013

AL Gore claims many Republicans growing weary of climate change 'deniers'

Zack Colman and Benjamin Goad, August 21, 2013 (The Hill) 

“Former Vice President Al Gore said he believes some Republicans are growing weary of colleagues who question climate change…[and have talked privately of] their growing discomfort with the statements of some of the deniers in their ranks…

The scientific consensus is that human activity, largely the burning of fossil fuels that generate greenhouse gases, is driving climate change.
 Gore said proponents of action to decrease greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere are ‘winning the conversation’…in large part because of an increase in extreme weather events…”

“Every night on the news, it’s like a nature hike through the book of revelations”
Gore said. 

Gore recalled being accused of demagoguery when his 2005 film
, “An Inconvenient Truth” contained an animated scene showing ocean water flooding the World Trade Center memorial site.  

“It happened last Oct. 29, years ahead of schedule,” he said, referring to the day Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast. “

While scientists generally avoid linking individual extreme weather events to climate change, they agree its effects — such as warmer waters and higher sea levels — can exacerbate storms.

In June, Obama delivered a major address emphasizing his intention to make the issue a top priority. Rather than waiting for the divided Congress to act on new legislation, Obama unveiled plans to enact regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants.

Gore claims many Republicans growing weary of climate change 'deniers'

Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/e2-wire/e2-wire/318161-gore-see-movement-from-gop-on-climate


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