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Sunday, October 16, 2011

What is the central theme of Solar

First Solar is a good company to study.  The industry has many facets like engineering and marketing.  There are very big players in this growth area of the future, such as, the country of China.  China has identified Solar as the next great industry.  China is using its massive manufacturing capacity to dominate the shape and direction of the entire industry worldwide.  Europe was the biggest consumer of solar technology but they are in the middle of economic turmoil at the present time.

Who will be the next big market outside of China?

A Good Study about the industry is found here:


The Big Question

What technologies should public and private investment fund to help meet our future energy needs?

Coming EV Glut

Thanks to government subsidies, electric vehicle makers are ramping up production. Will enough people want to buy them?

Solar Energy: The Quest for Cheap

As the price per watt falls, the tipping point for solar energy to become truly competitive is only a few years away

Raleigh's Smart Grid Bid

Looking to attract top dollars and talent, Raleigh is fast becoming a leading tech hub for smart grid development

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Thing America Can Do to Improve Its Energy Future?

Businessweek.com asked energy experts what they think is the most important thing America can do to improve its energy future
Energy Use in 2035: Who Will Consume the Most?

Energy Use in 2035: Who Will Consume the Most?

Energy consumption is forecast to rise as the U.S. population grows to more than 390 million and economic activity increases

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